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A mysterious encounter
between two damaged Southerners
quietly unravels over sweet tea.




A lone missionary is invited into the stately home of a mysterious older woman. Polite conversation over sweet tea gradually unravels as the two grasp to understand one another. He soon  realizes his suspicions only begin to scratch the surface of a terrible truth, forcing him to confront his own damaged past.


A mysterious encounter between two damaged Southerners quietly unravels over sweet tea.

Photo Credit: Jeremy Cowart

Simon Werdmüller von Elgg

Writer / Director / Editor

Simon Werdmüller von Elgg is an award winning Filmmaker & Creative Director. His decade+ of creative and entrepreneurial pursuits were sparked by his mission: to make the esoteric engaging. He currently lives and works in California. Lemons is his first official short film.

Director’s Statement

My goal with Lemons was to explore the complex relationships we have with our demons. How we face them, how they change us, and how we might find ways to free ourselves from them.


Jared Carter
as Edwin

  • David Byrne of Talking Heads in CBGB
  • Cousin Derrick in Hannah Montana the Movie
  • Wrangler on the second season of Still the King

Edwin is one of the more complex characters Jared has had the opportunity to bring to life and he was so excited to be cast in the role. Throughout the film he wanted to be able to deliver a performance that would be seen differently on a second viewing, after the viewer knows the whole story and what Edwin has gone through.

Dianne Berry
as Deborah

  • Studied acting with the Ivana Chubbuck technique in Los Angeles
  • Further acting study in New York, Nashville, Atlanta, Memphis and Montreal

Dianne was attracted to the “Lemons” film by its writer/director Simon Werdmuller von Elgg and the very talented team he had assembled for this film.  Dianne greatly enjoyed the challenge of playing a character with complex personality disorders and a colorful hidden past.  “Lemons” forces one to look at the line between right and wrong from two character’s perspective.  The audience is left to ponder their own viewpoint and struggle with forgiveness.

Tamiko Robinson Steele
as Henrietta

  • Awarded Best One Woman Show by the Nashville Scene, for “Miracle In Rwanda” (2011)
  • Appeared in TPAC production of “A Raisin In The Sun”

Tamiko Robinson Steele is a mother, performing artist, and an acting coach. She was drawn to “Lemons” because of writer/director Simon Werdmuller von Elgg’s beautiful imagery that she’d glimpsed, but was further pulled in because of beautiful way the story was to be told.


Dianne Berry

Dianne Berry

Executive Producer

  • 30 years experience in finance & investment
  • CPA, CFP and an MBA from the Owen Graduate School of Management at Vanderbilt University

Dianne worked in a CPA firm, a law firm, and a consulting firm before starting her own financial planning and investment company.  While enjoying the creative side of acting and music, Dianne has utilized her investment skills as an Executive Producer. Ready for a new challenge, she retired her business to begin her training in the acting and music industry.

Nathan Thompson

Nathan Thompson

Executive Producer, Cinematographer

  • 19 time Emmy Award-Winning Filmmaker
  • Development Director at Nashville Filmmakers Guild
  • DP & Creative Director at Contrast Visuals
  • 2012 NPPA National Videographer of the Year

As cinematographer, Nathan was drawn to “Lemons” for its propensity toward dark tonality and emotional ambivalence. At first meeting, Nathan shared Director Simon Werdmuller von Elgg’s vision for a Kubrick influenced style, using embellished natural lighting and patient pacing to build tension and compliment performances. Nathan hopes the imagery leaves audiences curious, yet unnerved, as the characters’ mysterious relationship unfolds.

Amanda Young

Amanda Young


  • Award-Winning Producer
  • Documentarian for Grammy-Winning Artist
  • Projects Shown at SXSW & Other Festivals.

For Amanda, producing “Lemons” presented a unique opportunity to work with some of her favorite collaborators from the Nashville filmmaking world on a project that she knew (from the first moment she read the script) was wildly worthy of their talents. “Lemons” was not only a vehicle for Amanda to crossover from the documentary and music world into the narrative world; but she also saw it as an opportunity to produce a project that would make an audience question their versions of morality and reality in uncomfortable yet pertinent and crucial ways.

Madison Braun

Madison Braun

Production Designer

  • Award-winning Production Designer
  • Projects show at NaFF, LCIFF, SoCalCIFF, & other festivals.
  • Production Designer on projects for Cracker Barrel, Lady Antebellum, Charlie Worsham, Adia Victoria, and more.

For Madison, working on Lemons as the Production Designer gave her the opportunity to tap back into her love for narrative short films. She was passionate about the script from the start , but that passion quickly grew after her first meeting with Simon and Amanda and continued to grow throughout the making of the film. Lemons was a great opportunity for her to dig deeper, challenge herself, and create something that’s more than meets the eye.

Sophia Caressa

Sophia Caressa

Script Supervisor

  • Director, Choreographer, and Stage Actor
  • Musical Theatre and Commercial Dance Major at OSCA
  • Chapman University Film Minor
  • Writer of Original Show, “Bling, Swing, Sing!”

Sophia feels fortunate to have read  “Lemons” shortly after its conception and witness its development along the way. Working as script supervisor presented a unique opportunity to work intimately with the story, maintaining its mood and integrity, as well as getting to work alongside each talented department. She delighted in the challenge of working with such complex characters, and their struggle to cope with the past. She hopes you will see the magic in this story, just as she has.

Addy Cahill

Addy Cahill

Hair & Makeup Artist

  • 15 Years experience as a makeup artist
  • Graduated NYU Tisch School of the Arts
  • Works in LA, Boston and New York

Following in the footsteps of her grandfather, Golden-Era makeup artist John C. Hall, Addy began doing makeup for community theaters at the age of thirteen, working with her mother, an award-winning makeup and hair designer in the New England regional theatre scene. Addy has designed multiple films and music videos, working in New York City and Boston before moving to Los Angeles.   When she first read the script for “Lemons”, she was immediately drawn to the characters, and is very excited she was able to join the team in Nashville to bring this story to life.

Gabriel Sarango

Gabriel Sarango

Sound Designer

  • 10 years experience in music production and song-writing
  • Studied Audio and Media Technology at the New England Institute of Art
  • Audio engineer for local musical artists for over 8 years

Over the last 10 years, Gabriel has made it his career to paint pictures using sound. With song-writing and music production he learned the value in getting ideas across between the lines, using sound to suggest emotion, color, and tone. Seeing “Lemons” come together visually quickly proved to be an opportunity to use sound to push this complex story of the characters’ personal struggles with their past to express more than what the eye can capture.


Producer’s Assistant
Bobby Marko

Associate Producer
Jonathan Schaade

Key PA / Grip
Dalila Ferrer


Lucas Hames


Music Supervisor
Kyle J Baker

Assistant Makeup Artist
Grace Young

Stephanie Slater

Lead Man
Daniel Dones

Art PA
Austin Klausman


1st AC
Paul Williams

2nd AC
Rand Smith

Camera PA
Mark Gonzalez

Second Unit 1st AC
Nick Ingram


Benjamin Liden

Key Grip
Justin Sulham

Grant Carpenter

Rory White


Kyle Copeland


Simon Werdmüller von Elgg

Visual Effects
Eleonor Lindvall

Digital Colorist
Peter Swartz

Online Editor
Ricky Hayner


Audio Mixer
Matt Hamilton

Boom Operator
Max Hibler

Sound Mix & Master

Ric Schnupp

Behind The Scenes Stills